Legion of saints

Legion of Saints FAQs

  1. Is my monthly donation secure?

    Yes it is. Donorbox uses Stripe's secure token mechanism to keep your information secure. The transmission between the donors, the Donorbox form, and Stripe is encrypted using 256bit SSL/TLS. Stripe is one of the most secure and trusted payment providers.

  2. Is my monthly donation tax deductible?

    Yes. Saints of Steel (EIN 81-4080446) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization. All donations are tax deductible.

  3. Do I get a receipt?

    Yes you do. The processing company we use, Donorbox, sends automated donation receipts to you.

  4. How do I see where my monthly donation goes to?

    As a member of the Legion of Saints, you’ll receive quarterly updates on the transformations your monthly gift supports.

  5. Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, you can cancel or make edits to your monthly gifts at anytime. Click here for more info.

  6. Can a business join the Legion of Saints?

    Yes! There’s an opportunity to enter your company name during sign up and monthly donations remain tax deductible. Not to mention a great way to show support for your community by making it better.

  7. Can my monthly gifts be supported by company matching programs?

    Absolutely, 100% the best idea ever! During sign up there’s an option to enter the name of the company that you work for during the donation checkout. Afterwards, you’re presented with your employer's matching procedure.

  8. What if I’m not ready to become a member?

    That’s okay, you can get to know us more by volunteering and/or showing your support by making a one time donation here.